Drivers On Scoot is a Melbourne based chauffeuring/taxiing company. We scoot to you and drive you in your own car (Scooter fits in the boot) FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q. How do you fit a Scooter into my car?

No need to worry - We do not use bikes anymore

Q. Will the Scooter fit in my car?

No need to worry - We do not use bikes anymore

Q. How long does it take to fold the scooter?

No need to worry - We do not use bikes anymore

Q. Will my car get damaged?

No need to worry - We do not use bikes anymore


Q. What is a driver on Scoot?

Drivers on Scoot are professional and experienced drivers who NOW arrive IN A CO-DRIVER'S CAR at you desired time and place. They will drive you home safely in the comfort of your own car.

Q. How will I recognise them?

Our drivers wear Drivers On Scoot Jackets and carry an ID card. You can request an optional security password at the time of booking.

Q. Can we trust your drivers?

Perfect customer service skills are as important to us as sound driving skills.

All drivers are experienced drivers (over 5 years) and hold a full Driving Licence, a clear insurance claim record and no criminal conviction. In addition, they all need to pass an in-house driving test and go through a strict vetting and reference process before being employed.

We value your opinion and welcome your feedback.


Q. What about insurance for my car?

Drivers on Scoot will pay your excess in the unlikely event of a responsible collision. (we have 100% no claim record over our 6 years of operation!)

Q. What about Public  Liability Insurance?

Drivers on Scoot hold a 10,000,000 public liability insurance.


Q. What if I don't have a credit card?

YOU MUST HAVE A CREDIT CARD TO BOOK OUR SERVICE or pay by bank transfer when pre-booking 

Q. What if I don't have enough cash or I don't have an ID?

Sorry, no ID = no trip (Except for pre-paid customers).

Q. How much does this service cost?

Prices start at $45 and include the first 6 kilometer radius from pick-up point.

Q. What do you do with my details?

We will treat your contact details with the upmost respect and won't sell, rent or pass it on to any other party. Furthermore, we do not retain any credit card details.


Q. What are your Terms & Conditions?

Visit for full terms and conditions

Q. What if I fall asleep in the car?

Unlike some taxi services, we don’t take scenic routes and fares are agreed before departure based on the shortest route between pick-up and destination points.. Have a good sleep; we’ll wake you up on arrival!!! And your car will be there for you on the following day after a good night sleep!

Remember, we never charge for heavy traffic waiting time.

Q. What if I want to drop-off, pick-up friends en-route?

Small charges will occur for en-route drop-offs, pick-ups. Sorry, no diversion over 5km from route authorized. Please advise us at the time of booking if you need to drop friends off.

Q. What if I need to change the time or the location of the pickup?

Just call our office 2 hours prior to your scheduled pick up time and we will inform the driver of the new time and location. Please note, last minute changes may incur delays on busy nights. Late cancellation or waiting fees apply.

Q. When can you book the service?

Drivers On Scoot office opens 12noon to 12am Sunday - Wednesday and 10am to 2am Thursday - Saturday . Drivers hours of operation extend to 1:30am on weeknights and 4am on Friday - Saturday but all booking calls must be made during office hours.  Click here for our Christmas and public holiday opening hours

Q. How much notice do I have to give to use the service?

1 hours notice is all that is required within 15KM for CBD (2 hours if further). Subject to Driver’s availability. Remember, weekend nights can be very busy, therefore booking in advance is highly recommended to avoid delays.

Q. What if the pick-up point is not in the city?

We can pick you up from anywhere in Melbourne Metropolitan Area. However, there is a small surcharge for a pick-up made from a greater distance than 15KM from CBD.


Q. How do I become a member?

To take advantage of a Drivers On Scoot membership please call us on 1300 WE-DRIVE (1300 933748)

Q. How do I become a corporate member?

To take advantage of a Drivers On Scoot Corporate membership please read our Corporate Scoot page and call us on 1300 WE-DRIVE (1300 933748).

Q. How can I become a driver for Drivers On Scoot?

If you wish to apply for a driver’s position with Drivers On Scoot, please email us to
Please note:
You must hold a full car driving licence (5 years experience for the car driving licence). At the time of application, you will be required to provide us with a Police check record, references from previous employers and a full history report from the Department of transport, driving.